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ucuzyolu is an online shopping platform. By offering a wide range of products to its customers, it aims to ensure that quality products are easily available at affordable prices. ucuzyolu is an online shopping platform that aims to offer its customers a wide range of products at affordable prices and to provide easy access to quality products. Our mission is to meet the needs of users by offering the most suitable products by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. Working with a wide network of suppliers and reliable business partners, we strive to offer quality products at competitive prices.


Ucuzyolu, a brand launched in 2020 with the motto "The smartest way to travel economically!", not only provides its users with plane tickets but also offers bus ticket options, serving a wide range of domestic and international destinations. By bringing together flights and bus routes from all around the world, it provides travel enthusiasts with the opportunity to easily find the most suitable tickets. Along with the most competitive prices in the sector, it gathers a wide range of airlines and bus companies on a single platform, offering travel options for every budget, while also attracting users' attention with special discounts, early booking advantages, and limited-time campaigns.

As a brand that adds value to its users, Ucuzyolu not only offers cheap plane and bus tickets but also enriches its passengers' travel experiences with rich destination content, travel tips, and recommendations. With the slogan "Ucuzyolu, your best travel companion", it aims to be the most comprehensive, fastest, and most reliable solution partner for anyone who wants to travel economically, while working to make your journeys more economical, comfortable, and enjoyable.


What are the Advantages of Ucuzyolu?

Call Center

We are always a phone call away for your needs.

Ticket Prices

We offer the most suitable creator for you in more than 950 expectations.

Payment Infrastructure

Make secure payments with 256 Bit SSL certificate and 3D payment methods.

Online Transactions

Online cancellation refund PNR inquiry points earning features.
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